Five Frame Nuc

🐝 Elevate Your Apiary with Our Overwintered and Spring Michigan Bee Nucleus Colonies! 🌼

Ensure a strong start to your beekeeping journey with our premium nucleus colonies, carefully overwintered and sourced from our own hives here in Michigan. Our colonies are primed for success, boasting resilient genetics and robust populations ready to thrive in your apiary.

Whether you’re a seasoned beekeeper looking to expand your operation or a beginner eager to start strong, our nucleus colonies provide the perfect foundation. With several healthy frames of brood, a prolific queen, and a dedicated workforce, our bees are equipped to excel in any hive environment.

Experience the difference of locally adapted bees and take your apiary to new heights. Reserve your overwintered or spring nucleus colony today and embark on a rewarding beekeeping journey with confidence! 🌸🍯

5 Frame Michigan Bee Nuc